Copa Americana Bucaramanga 2018

October 8-10, 2018

Copa Americana is an athletic and cultural event, delivering an exciting challenge for teams and players looking for an unrestricted play style. This tournament features the best International Italian Soccer Academy, Milan Junior Camp and Milan Junior Elite Teams in each age category competing against clubs from USA, Aruba, Colombia, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, USA, Venezuela and more. This tournament is an exchange of experiences, culture and sport customs between South America, North America and the rest of the world while competing against the best International players seeking to win a 'No Pay to Play' award at the next Copa Americana tournament.

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Divisions of Play

Boys 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008

Girls 2004



Bucaramanga en la nocheBucaramanga is a Colombian municipality, capital of the department of Santander. Declared by the World Bank in its study of "competitive cities for studies and growth" as the most prosperous city in Latin America. It is located northeast of the country on the Eastern Cordillera, branch of the Andes, on the banks of the Rio de Oro. Bucaramanga has 528.575 inhabitants and along with Floridablanca, Girón and Piedecuesta make up the metropolitan area with a total of 1.141.694 inhabitants, being the fifth most populated urban agglomeration of the country. In Bucaramanga and the neighboring municipalities, a variety of tourist activities can be carried out; Ecological tourism through its parks, adventure tourism at the table of Ruitoque (Floridablanca). 15 minutes from the city is the "Voladero las Águilas" where you can practice paragliding. The downtown area has colonial buildings, such as the churches of San Laureano, the Chapel of Dolores. Some important houses like the house of Bolívar, by Luis Perú de Lacroix. Other colonial constructions are found in the neighboring municipalities of the city.





Tournament Rules


2008-2006: Max 18 Players

2004-2000: Max 22 players


2008 through 2000: 5 Players

These players are allowed per team. These guests must be included on the roster and they count towards the roster limit.


2008: 7 v 7 two halves 25 minutes each

2006: 9 v 9 two halves 25 minutes each

2004 and 2000: 11 v 11 two halves 35 minutes each

Each team will play a minimum of 4 games.


Games will be punctual - no exceptions. All games will be played under modified FIFA laws of the game as well as FYSA regulations. Full manual with the rules and regulations will be provided during team registration.


Win = 3 points

Tie = 1 point

Loss = 0 points

In the elimination stage, if the score is tied at the end of regulation time, kicks from the penalty mark, as per FIFA laws will decide the match.


Winner from Head-to-Head competition

Goal differential

Goals in favor

Goals against

Penalty Kicks


If a team does not turn up for a game, loses on protest, or is omitted from the tournament, the score is set at 0-3.


$500 USD + 3.2% fee for local teams

Registration for the Copa Americana Miami 2018 is now open! contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Feb 20th (Local teams) Jan 20th for all international teams