Requirements to qualify for the program:

Players are required to be in the Italian Soccer Academy Program's active player list with at least two years of permanence.
Players must have participated in at least 2 international tournaments per season, including the Copa Americana (in Italy, USA or South America). Participation in these international competitions, allows our organization to evaluate each player's potential, character, behavior and compatibility with other players already in the Exchange program and their families.


A professional training schedule which includes daily, double training sessions, is prepared for the Exchange players during their school season (with exception of two days that are full immersion academic days with an evening strength and conditioning program on both days).

Typically, a morning training session from 10:00 am -12:00 pm would be held, followed by an afternoon session from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm on Monday, Thursday and Friday

Saturday and Sunday are reserved for friendly or league matches, as well as professional match observation of live Serie A, B, C and Lega Pro teams.

Personalized training is available when required


Players are accommodated in comfortable double or triple rooms, in a newly remodeled hotel style property inclusive of individual beds and linens. Each room has a large closet, TV monitor and study desk. Players will be conveniently accommodated in the same facility where their training takes place. The "Convitto" is ideal for players with daily double training schedules. All rooms are equipped with WiFi.


Academic development is a critical component of the International Student Exchange Program. We have developed a study plan that will engage participants in conventional education, while allowing them enough time to work on sports endeavors.

Study sessions
Participants will have double study sessions distributed during the week, equivalent to 4 school days, which will allow them to keep pace in their education while improving their athletic skills.
Tutored sessions
Students will have a tutor assigned to complement their education and improve all cognitive areas, to reach a balance between academic and sport focus.
Training sessions
Participants will also train under the supervision of UEFA certified coaches on a weekly schedule basis with fixed objectives, maintaining a balance between school workload and the player's sport specific work program.
Students will have ample time to successfully complete their required school work and assignments.

Student Players will continue to participate in the Italian Soccer Academy international tournament circuit and will be supported in the selection of important University try-outs. University coaches are normally invited by the Italian Soccer Academy to attend those tournaments in which the players are participating. The players will be selected for tournaments in Italy, USA and South America.

Professional team observation and try-outs

From week to week and based on the player's level, our program will provide opportunities for the player to be observed by Lega Pro, C, B and A series teams in Northern Italy. Such opportunities include teams in the likes of AC Milan, Inter, Udinese, Atalanta, Empoli and others.

The players are inserted into the "Giovani Promesse" select teams, in their specific category. This part of our process is intended to provide players the opportunity of being observed, allowing them to be showcased from week to week. This also allows players to maintain their competitive level and provides a platform under which they can measure and compare their level to that of their peers.